Hope Brews

Hope Brew for Central FL Bars & Breweries

Did you know that your favorite happy hour spot can be used by traffickers to groom victims? Be a business that cares and becomes aware!

Hope Brews in Central FL is a month long awareness campaign to prevent human trafficking & support survivors in our community.

Why Hope Brews

According to the Human Trafficking Hotline there were over 13,000 victims reported nationally. In 2020, the state of Florida saw a 15% increase in this number and continues to rank in the top 3 states for the most reported cases of Human Trafficking. The issue of human trafficking continues to be a growing issue in our beautiful state.

Even in today’s post-pandemic environment, Central Florida remains a sought after destination for worldwide tourists, and even for relocation.

The influx in new residents, the reopening of establishments and lifting of pandemic restrictions can lead to a reengagement of sex trafficking as bars/clubs and cantinas are often breeding ground for human trafficking and grooming of victims.

In response, Samaritan Village, Inc. is calling on Central Florida’s most favorite bars, breweries, wineries, and coffee shops to take a stand against trafficking during the month of June by committing to:

  • Receive relevant staff training for Human Trafficking prevention
  • Display a “We Care to be AWARE” seal of safety in the establishment
  • Financially support survivor recovery care

Hope Brew FAQs

Who is eligible to participate in Hope Brews?

Any bar, brewery, restaurant, winery, or coffee shop in Central Florida!

How long is the event?

Hope Brews is a month long awareness campaign starting June 1st and ending June 30th.

What does it cost to participate in Hope Brews?

We ask that all participating business commit to:

  • A staff training on Human Trafficking prevention (live or online)
  • Display a “We Care to be AWARE” Seal of Safety sticker in your establishment
  • Fund survivor recovery care through a minimum $250 sponsoring donation

What do we get for participating?

  • 24-7 access to an online training tool to keep your staff informed and patrons safe from trafficking tactics
  • Ongoing press and social media coverage throughout the month of June
  • Pride of belonging to a tribe elite businesses that are committed to combatting Human Trafficking in Central Florida
  • A Partnership Packet complete with Hope Brews pins, coasters, table top signs, and materials for your team!

Do I have to ask our patrons to donate towards the cause?

Some bars have committed to asking patrons to “round up” or donate towards the cause but it’s NOT required! We just ask that you keep our Hope Brews table toppers visible during the month of June!

Do my servers need to understand what human trafficking is to participate?

Nope! This is an awareness event where we’ll educate your team on how to prevent human trafficking grooming & solicitation at your establishment.

Can we sponsor more than $250?

Yes! Our goal is to raise $25,000 in support for survivors in June. You may contribute as much as you like to help reach this goal.

Sponsorship Levels | Samaritan Village
How do I sign up to participate?
You can pay your sponsorship online or mail in a check to…

How long is the event?

Hope Brews is a month long awareness campaign starting June 1st and ending June 30th.

Samaritan Village
PO Box 149599
Orlando, FL 32814

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Who is Samaritan Village?
Samaritan Village, Inc. is a local nonprofit organization who has for the last 12 years brought awareness to the community, while directly supporting survivors through trauma-informed safe house programs!

As our community returns to normalcy and tourism season kicks off, Samaritan Village is committed to ensuring that our region’s most beloved bars, breweries, wineries and coffee shops are prepared to combat this issue through education and awareness.

Have more questions?

Email info@samaritanvillage.net for more information or call (407) 205-8976.