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A Longer-term Therapeutic and Transitional Safehome(s) Program for Adult Women Survivors of Human Trafficking

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Why We Exist

  • Florida ranked 3rd in the nation for reporting and identifying human trafficking
  • 80% of survivors face the risk of being re-victimized if they do not have a safe, secure haven
  • 93 residential long-term beds locally and 1,600 nationally for adult survivors of human trafficking

Every year, in the United States, hundreds of thousands of individuals are trafficked.

Human trafficking, often referred to as “Modern-day slavery,” involves the manipulation, mistreatment, and exploitation of women, men, and children for their body and labor.

Assisting victims of human trafficking in breaking free from their exploitation is just the beginning, but not enough.

Our Mission

Samaritan Village exists to provide a safe place for women who have been sexually trafficked to heal from trauma, recover from addiction, and take back their lives to become catalysts in their communities.
Samaritan Village Mission

“For the first time in my life I am looking
forward to what God has for me…
I never knew there were people
who actually care and want the best for me.

Former Resident

What We Do

Samaritan Village offers a unique continuum of care model through our Multi-Tier Transitional Safehouse Program, Safe Harbor Community Program, and SOAR Program. Survivors receive varying levels of care and supervision as they move through the program. With the goal to walk with survivors for 3-5 years, our program focuses on the deep healing and restoration of each survivor.



“The Ellen Arnold Safe Home”
12-18 months
6 beds
24 / 7 / 365 support




“The Well”
12-24 months
6 beds
Transitional Care




12 months
3 beds
Independent Living


Safe Harbor Community Program

The SHCP provides wraparound services and support to survivors of sex trafficking who are or have transitioned to permanent housing in the community.



The purpose of the SOAR program is for women to move to the next phase of their healing process by building community and support with like-minded women.

Individual Therapy
Group Therapies
Case Management
Vocational Training
Educational Support
Psychological icon | Samaritan Village
Full Medical Care
Nutritional Education
Exercise Programs
Addiction Recovery
Dental Care
Psychological icon | Samaritan Village
Community Support
Mentorship Programs
Biblical Tools
Faith Based Resources
Spiritual Wellness Retreats

2022 Impact Report

In 2022…


Of Residents Reported Increased Emotional Regulation Skills


Of Residents Reported Increased Interpersonal Skills


Of Residents Maintained A Substance Free Life Style

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