When Rhonda Stapleton, Samaritan Village's founder, moved to Orlando, Florida, she bought a house right off of Orange Blossom Trail. OBT or “the trail” as it is often referred to, is known for its high crime and red-light district dealings. People told Rhonda her move into that neighborhood was crazy, but she knew she was called to reach out to women in desperate situations. As she connected with women near her home, and worked as a jail chaplain nearby, she saw women caught in a cycle of exploitation with no way to get out. Samaritan Village, Inc. launched in 2009 as a transitional home for survivors of sexual exploitation and chemical dependency. 

As the understanding and awareness of human trafficking began to grow, it became clear that the women being served at Samaritan Village were indeed survivors of this crime. In 2013 the staff and board of Samaritan Village went through a season of intensive prayer and strategic planning. We relaunched our program, implementing at the time, one of Florida’s only trauma-informed recovery programs, to meet the unique needs of victims of trafficking, in the fall of that year.

In the last 5 years Samaritan Village has maintained one of the longest standing recovery homes for adult female survivors of human trafficking in Central Florida.  Our program is faith-based, trauma informed and holistic in nature. Our mission is not only to provide a safe place for women recovering from the trauma of trafficking and exploitation, but to help each woman heal and flourish mentally, emotionally and physically.