A Christ-centered program for women transitioning from sexual exploitation to healing, wholeness and productivity.
Communities where women live free from sexual exploitation, finding restoration and wholeness in Jesus Christ.
Christ-centeredness – We believe everything we do must focus on Jesus Christ, who is the higher power in Whom we are all equal and healed. Through Him, we can:
  •  Find personal dignity, honesty, and integrity, as we bear the image of God
  •  Find hope for holistic, life transformation
  •  Walk humbly, to the glory of God
Courage – We believe that long-term change also requires courage, to see ourselves and others change. Together, we strive to do the following as individuals and as an organization:
  • Boldly be open, authentic, and transparent
  • Build strong, safe, and healthy boundaries
Community – We believe that life-long change takes a “village,” and that we are meant to build each other’s future together, for the benefit of all. Thus, we seek to:
  • Empower individuals see change in themselves and others
  • Encourage a culture of engagement, volunteerism, and partnership
Compassion – As we focus on Him and find our courage together, we believe that we should all strive to be people of compassion. As individuals and an organization we seek to exhibit:
  • Passion informed by expertise
  • Patience and grace balanced by truth