Important Message from Christina Walker

Samaritan village has had an incredible start to our year. We have increased our capacity from 4 to 6 survivors of trafficking, purchased a van- with the help of Summit Church and the Heart of the City Foundation, and are in the process of expanding our Board of Directors by 2 new members. It is an exciting time of growth and change for Samaritan Village as a ministry and also for me as Executive Director. After months of prayer, my husband and I are acting in joyful obedience to God’s calling for me to transition from Executive Director to Board member of Samaritan Village, starting in August. This change is motivated by two factors, the first being God’s calling on me to serve my family with greater intentionality, time and focus. Specifically, I will be leaving the workforce in order to stay home, raising and homeschooling our children Lily and Langston. My husband and I are clear that God is directing us to focus on our children during these pivotal years, as well as to support and care for our larger family, including us welcoming my mother-in-law into our home.

The second factor in my transition is one of natural response to the growth and development of Samaritan Village as a ministry. Over the past two years, with God’s help, Samaritan Village’s Survivor Services has come to be synonymous with best practices, safe housing, effective recovery programming, and trauma-informed care. With our residential therapeutic program being well established and under the incomparable leadership of our Program Manager, Jenny Brodnax, it is now time to focus on further growth and development at the organizational level. Our hope is that during this next season Samaritan Village will be extending its reach and effectiveness and bringing healing and wholeness to more survivors of exploitation as they journey to healing and wholeness. This new focus calls for bringing in new leadership with a skillset reflective of the expanding needs of the ministry.

Over the past two years, I have endeavored to serve God and our community in the fight against human trafficking through my leadership as Executive Director of Samaritan Village. I look forward to continuing to participate in the fight as both an active and passionate member of the Samaritan Village Board of Directors and remaining active in therapeutic oversight, consultation for our survivor services, and building relationships with our community partners.

We will begin our search for the new Executive Director of Samaritan Village promptly. If you, or someone you know are passionate about fighting human trafficking and have experience in non-profit management and leadership, please visit our website,, go to the “Get Involved” tab where the Job Description and details for the application process are posted.

Christina Walker


I am Samaritan Village

At Samaritan Village, we are moving into our 6th year of ministry, and our 2nd year of focusing the ministry on serving survivors of sexual exploitation. This past year we have served 6 women and are prayerfully planning to serve at least 6 more this coming year. God has been faithful to the mission and vision of Samaritan Village and provided support and encouragement from a variety of community partners. Not only has the LORD been faithful with His provision for us to be impactful as a ministry, He has also been steadfast and faithful to His children, through our ministry. We have been witness this past year to the healing power of Christ in the lives of those who are hurting. Though much of the focus of the Samaritan Village ministry is on serving and participating in the transformation of our residents, theirs are not the only lives that have been transformed by the Gospel. The lives of our staff, volunteers and community partners are filled with the blessing of healing and transformation for the glory of God and the furthering of His kingdom. It is as though the prayer that Paul prayed for those in Colossae has been prayed over all those who have served with Samaritan Village. Personally, I have experienced a deepening of my wisdom and knowledge of God and His will for my life; a walk with God that is more pleasing to Him and more worthy of Him.  I have shared in the joy and the hope of our residents, having been a lost child delivered from the domain of darkness and have been transferred into His kingdom, through Christ (Col 1:9-14). I have been emboldened. I have been refined. I have been blessed.

My hope has been renewed; I have been reminded of the joy of your salvation. -Psalms 51:8

And my story is not the only story of transformation. I have listened to stories of restored hope, increased faith and trust in God, redeemed marriages, transformed hearts, emblazoned passions for those in need, and encouragement for those who are low.  The stories of our volunteers and staff, partners and supporters are evidence of the awakening of a community of believers to the steadfast love, mercy, grace, pursuit and passion of our Lord for His children as they serve and journey alongside others. You see, it is not only the residents that are Samaritan Village. It is each of us, including you – partners, encouragers, volunteers, staff, and Board – who are the community that make up Samaritan Village.

I want to share the stories of Samaritan Village with each of you, that God may be more glorified, as His love, mercy, and faithfulness is more fully displayed. Over the next two months, we will post a series of stories written by volunteers, staff, current residents, Board members, community partners, and residents from previous years, on our blog. Each person will share how they have seen their time with Samaritan Village impact the residents and community, as well as how they have experienced transformation and have been deeply impacted themselves.

God’s sovereignty and His love for us is evident in each of our stories. Samaritan Village is witness and gives testimony to His promise that we will be His people and that He will be our God. That He will never stop doing good for us, for His own joy. That He will do so with all His heart and all His soul (Jer 32:38-41).

Our prayer is that as you read our stories, you will see how impactful one person can be in the life of another, as well as, how each of us have been deeply moved and transformed ourselves in the process.

Join us, as we each proclaim membership and ownership in this ministry, and say “I am Samaritan Village.”



Christina Walker
Executive Director