Because of You



Samaritan Village is made up of residents, staff, board members, volunteers, community partners, prayer warriors, broken people, healed people, people who need grace, and people who let God use them for His glory. Thank you for being Samaritan Village.

Two brave women wanted to share a bit of their stories with you. Read and be encouraged…

“Before Samaritan Village I belonged to a pimp. I thought there was no way out – my pimp was supplying my drugs, shelter, etc. So not only did I lose myself and my dignity to him, I lost them to the drugs as well. Now being a resident at Samaritan Village I have 14 months clean and I only belong to God. I am free from my pimp – he no longer has any kind of hold on me or my soul. It feels amazing! My support system I have in place here is strong – something I never had in my life. I am so very grateful for this program and for all the volunteers that support/help us. The volunteers are more than just volunteers… They are mentors, life coaches, friends, and family.”

“When I was 18 years old I met someone that I thought was an amazing person. It wasn’t too long after that I realized that I was headed down the wrong path. He taught me so many different things, all of them were wrong and horrible, and all for his own selfish reasons. He started treating me like I was nothing; physically, emotionally and verbally abusing me. I was scared. I believed every lie he ever told me when he said I was good for nothing, that I would amount to nothing and that all I would ever be was garbage. When that relationship ended, I was left broken, scared, lost and I thought I deserved to be treated exactly how he said. I ended up in the drug scene. And it wasn’t long before I thought that I belonged to a few different pimps and the horrible things that came with it. I was too scared to reach out for help’ in fear of what was to come if anyone found out I was trying to leave. Then one day, God sent this amazing woman to me to offer me an awesome gift. All I had to do was accept that gift and I was guaranteed my safety. It is because of Samaritan Village that I am whole again, and finding out who I really am. I no longer live in fear. Samaritan Village has restored my life, my self-worth and my relationship to Christ. Thank you to all who have made this possible.

Because of you, I AM SAMARITAN VILLAGE.”

“Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble; He saved them out of their distresses.” – Psalm 107:19

THANK YOU to all who support us. We are so, so grateful.